Who We Are

We are a small advertising and digital marketing company located in Sydney, NSW. Our team of creative designers, web designers and content managers work together in a friendly and productive manner with our clients to ensure positive results.

We do more than just design!

As part of our consulting capabilities, we can help you define your business objectives and create the best processes and strategies to achieve these goals. 
 We have a dynamic approach to marketing, tailored to the specific needs of each client for branding, logo design, promotion, and advertising. We handle everything, including your social networking presence (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin etc.) so all you need to do, is focus on your ideas.

What we do

A creative team of designers and content creators specialized in creating winning strategies, brands, identities, websites, illustrations and animations for clients of all kinds. Everyone has a different process and we do it by taking our clients with us through every step of the way, from planning and designing to implementing the ads.
We see ourselves as project partners, your success is our success, so we help our clients reinvent their brand’s unique image in the world, using the 3 P’s – purpose, personality and principle. We cover a range of industries, and we try to work with brands we respect, forging partnerships and treading new ground with each order of work.
Over the past 5 years in Australia, we have worked in brand, digital, print and animation with an exciting and fruitful 10 year experience overseas.
We are big enough to offer a diverse range of skills, but small enough to huddle around a coffee table and work as one agency. We’re big believers in the fact that our clients should be given access to everything we have to offer. If you decide to work with us you’ll have direct dialogue with the project team and be personally involved in everything that we produce for you.

Our work is guided by  3 Core Principles

Creativity takes courage

To make impact you have to take risks. This is why all of our work is born from a deep understanding of the personality, purpose and principles unique to each brand. It’s this foundation that gives brands their power and this is why we expect to take creative risks in every project.

Together is better

Solid partnerships produce the best results for everyone. We value strong relationships and working together every step of the way. Getting under the skin of businesses, brands and people helps us to understand their world, improves our work and in turn, brings great results.

Simple is good

We don’t like complexity; either in the way we work, or in the work we make. We focus on communicating the essential aspects of the product or service, with no excess. A good design is simple and well refined. As Steve Jobs famously said: “It takes a lot of hard work to make something simple”.

Our Team

Taher Rasta

Founder / Art Director

Reza Baghbani

Senior Graphic Designer

Amir Dezfolian

Content Manager

Mobin Shojaei

Web Developer

Kimia Jokar

UI-UX Designer