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We specialise in SEO, Google Ads Management, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Web Design, and all other digital marketing services.
Powered by creativity and driven with passion, we have delivered campaigns for some of Australia’s businesses in many different industries and are sure to lead you on the road to success.
We’re dedicated to providing our clients with exceptional strategies to create and grow their business, exceeding objectives and expectations.

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Working with Rasta Art Agency, you will get a broader understanding of how to scale; faster results; one point of contact; and maximum reach.
With a full service Digital Agency you get a team of multi channel experts collaborating towards a unified goal. The best approach is always used, helping you achieve the fastest results possible.
Multiple points of contact can be time consuming and frustrating. When working with a full service Marketing Agency, all your needs are met at the same time, under the same roof, and the hassle is alleviated.
A full service Digital Agency in Sydney ensures more eyes on your business via multiple channels and tailored audiences.

Our  exclusive digital marketing services



We focus on building a solid SEO foundation that is more than just rankings or traffic. Our focus is to help you scale your business with innovative SEO strategies.

Our SEO strategies are specialised for your business and industry, and we treat every business as if it were our own.

We’ll work with you to find out what works to boost your search engine rankings and implement a comprehensive strategy that will have you on the first page of Google.

Google Ads management

Google Ads management that will elevate your business to new heights.

We boost your business with ads on the biggest search engine in the world.

We focus on relevant clicks, not just drive-by traffic. We analyse and do the research, finding your ideal customer then customising a Google Ads campaign.

With proper Google Ads management and a team of digital marketing experts, anything is possible.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is one of the best ways to generate sales for your brand.

Find your audience & surpass competitors by deploying powerful social media marketing to your advantage.

We help potential customers discover your brand on all major social platforms.

We focus purely on conversions and getting the best return on your investment. 

Email Marketing


 Email marketing is a proven content marketing strategy for increasing brand awareness, growing website traffic, generating leads and promoting products and services.

We are on hand to assist every step of the way.
Along with industry-specific content writers, designers and project managers, your content marketing strategist will work with your team to craft our email marketing services designed to engage and convert recipients.

Rasta Art’s email campaign management services include everything from asset email launches and drip campaigns to email nurturing and analytics.

Web Design


Revolutionise your online presence with optimised & marketing-ready web design.

We design and build websites that capture the attention of your potential customers.

Our web design helps you convert visitors to paying customers.

We are experts in building websites across cutting edge technology stacks. Our web design is research-based, SEO optimised & ready to roll out for digital marketing.

HTML5 Animated Ads


Using HTML5 ads can greatly benefit your display advertising campaigns. Animations capture your audience’s attention and generate more engagement.

We create unique animated ads that will impress your audience and get their attention and will drive traffic to your website.

HTML5 is supported by all major web browsers and can be used for much more than just advertising banners. 

We highly recommend these types of ads to our clients to achieve more traffic and engagement.